The X100T, my personal review | Stockografie

New is an all-electronic shutter, which reaches up to 1/32000s shutter speed. The downside is that the flash does not work with the electronic shutter. What a shame. The four-way controller is new, which I talked about already, and new is that you can assign the four way controller either as four FN buttons, or you can set it to move the focus point without having to hit the button twice. I personally us them as four FN buttons as I do tend to change the settings regularly. I have also assigned the other FN buttons to my taste. The Wi-Fi is used to toggle between face detection on/off, the trash can button is used to switch on/off the in-built ND Filter and the top FN button next to the exposure compensation dial is used for the metering mode. Fujifilm gave us 3 custom profiles for the Auto-ISO setting. This can be great but it can also be a little bit confusing. I personally tend to stick with Auto-ISO 200-6400 with the minimum shutter speed set to 1/60s. In some cases I will set the ISO manually to the value that I need. On the above picture you can see which FN button I have assigned to ISO. Another new feature which many of us Fuji X users have been waiting for is a customizable Q menu. At first I was not in to it at all. I don’t need it; Fuji did a great job on the Q menu anyway…….

Fuji X100T

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