Thoughts about the Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Tilman Jentzsch

Thanks to Fujifilm Europe and Fujifilm Switzerland I was lucky that I already could get my hands on an early production sample back in November 2015. During this meeting it was already clear that Fujifilm had something great in their pipeline, but we still had to wait another two months until the product launch… On January 15th 2016 Fujifilm finally unveiled the X-Pro2, but I had to be wait for another month until I really could spend some more time with the new Fujifilm flagship. During three concerts and one backstage reportage I could put the X-Pro2 through its paces and here are now some thoughts about using it. This “review” is really more reflecting on the practical aspects and the fit into my workflow than being scientific or technical. In addition there is some comparison to the X-T1 which is my current camera of choice. As I never owned or used an X-Pro1, I really cannot compare the X-Pro2 to its predecessor…….