Top 10 Questions About the X-Pro2 | Olaf Sztaba

Should I get the X-Pro2 or wait for an X-T2?

The X-Pro line and the X-T line are cameras tailored to different kinds of photographer. The X-Pro1/2 is a rangefinder-style camera perfectly suited to documentary/street photography; the X-T1 has a lot of similarities to an SLR. Assuming that you are dealing with the same generation – X-Pro1/X-T1 or X-Pro2/X-T2 – the image quality will most likely be the same because Fuji uses the same sensors in their higher-end models. It’s all about the style of shooting and your personal preferences. Kasia and I prefer the X-Pro1/2 rangefinder style. It fits our way of shooting better. We enjoy having a viewfinder on the left side of the camera (the X-T1’s viewfinder is located in the middle). However, some of you may like the larger viewfinder in the X-T1/2 and the SLR feel, and that’s fine. About “waiting for the next model.” Don’t! If you don’t have a camera, buy one and start shooting today. There will be always a better camera just around the corner. What really matters is what you create today…….