Tornado X-T1 Tracking Test | Jeff Carter

On Saturday evening the ‚Tornado‘, a steam train that was completed in 2008, travelled through East Lothian as part of its journey up the East Coast Mainline.  I am a fan of anything mechanical from a bygone era, whether it is planes, trains or automobiles, so I headed out to towards Torness Point to find a suitable piece of track where I could get a good shot of the locomotive without the overhead powerlines above the track getting in the way of the shot. Tornado was named in recognition of the RAF Tornado crews that fought in the Gulf War and the locomotive carries the crest of RAF Cottesmore, the station in Rutland I served between 1983 and 1987 and 1990 to 1996. The passing of the 60163 Tornado also presented me with an opportunity to test the new autofocus tracking software on the Fujifilm X-T1. Setting the camera to wide ‚Wide/Tracking‘, ‚AF-C‘ and the drive to ‚CH‘ (8 frames per second) I was able to capture the following sequence of 22 images using the XF16mm f1.4 lens…….


Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver

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