Travelling light with the inexpensive Fujinon XC 50-230mm | Bill Palmer

Those of you who have followed my scribbles for any length of time will readily recognise that I have a few, shall we say, personal foibles that surface from time to time. My preference for an OVF and the rangefinder form factor, for example, and my aversion to screens that tilt and respond to touch. One of my longest lasting and most practical pecadillos is an aversion to lugging around any more than I have to. It was with this in mind that at the weekend I went to the Cranleigh Show in leafy Surrey.  The show has been running now for some seventy years and in many respects is a delightful anachronism. It is a country show that still places the emphasis upon the livestock and agriculture—not on „country clothing“, hot-tubs and assorted „rural lifestyle“ accessories for urban escapees. As such it is a great place for people-watching and for candid portraiture.  There is a real feeling of permanence about an event like this and the bedrock is the people who attend both as spectators and as organisers, competitors and judges…….

Source: Travelling light with the inexpensive Fujinon XC 50-230mm — macfilos