True Lies | Little Big Traveling Camera

We all got used to it: “Best image quality ever!” “World’s fastest autofocus!” “Smallest, big sensor camera in the world!” Every manufacturer feels the need to claim superlatives when introducing a new camera. A  simply but honest “carefully improved” does’t cut it today. In some cases even such a statement would be rather generous. What’s the difference in between a Canon 600 and a Canon 650? What’s the difference in between a Sony NEX 5N and a NEX 5T or NEX 5R? It’s clear that they can not reinvent the wheel with every single model but sometimes they bring out models just because another year is over and there has to be a new model to generate sales and to put the old one on sale to – well – to generate even more sales. Who’s to blame? I’m afraid it is us. We constantly ask for new cameras. If a manufacturer decides to keep a model for a long time we got nervous. It doesn’t matter that the model was a milestone and far ahead of competition when it came out. We want something new. Where is the progress? “If Canon will not update camera X soon I have to switch to Nikon.” And because manufacturers don’t want you to switch to their competitors the shell out new cameras like crazy…….

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