We Compare Corel’s AfterShot Pro 3 RAW Algorithm to Adobe and Capture One | Jaron Schneider

Earlier today, Corel announced AfterShot Pro 3, a program that looks like a legitimate threat to Adobe Lightroom’s dominance. It has many of the same features, some even more robust than that of Adobe’s, and has a proprietary raw algorithm unique to Corel products. Though AfterShot Pro 3 is a lot more than the sum of its parts, and we are presently conducting a full review of the software, we did want to take a look specifically at that unique raw editor. If you’ve been a reader of Resource, you’ll recognize that we do this every time we catch wind of a new raw algorithm, because there are so very few out there and the way they treat the same file is fascinating to look at. Our last test pitted Affinity Photo against Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), and we found Affinity to be superior in it’s core algorithm………

Source: www.resourcemagonline.com