Wedding photography with the Fuji X100S | Andy Rapkins

Anyone that has followed my blog previously, read my twitter ramblings or indeed seen me working over the last couple of years, will know that I’ve spent quite a bit of time using a type of digital camera known variously as mirrorless or compact system cameras. Most of this usage has been to date with Fujifilm cameras using their pioneering X-Trans sensors, firstly the X-Pro1 in 2012, and then last year moving on to the X100S. They have other models available as well of course, but these are the two I chose to use representing the top end of their range. Moving from using heavy but capable DSLRs such as the Canon 5D Mark3 (which I still use), there is a level of adjustment to using these smaller cameras. They’re not quite as quick to use and in particular don’t have quite the same performance in low light, whether that’s autofocus or image quality. I should temper these statements by emphasising the ‘not quite’, and the fact that the 5D Mark3 is an exceptional performer to compare against in all of these regards. Although the X100S is a real step forward in the focussing performance, it’s not best in class in the mirrorless world. Of course everything has a flip side, pros and cons, and if speed and low light performance are weaker areas of the mirrorless cameras, then their size, weight and quietness, are huge, tangible advantages……

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