What It’s Like To Work For Fujifilm | Leigh Diprose

My name is Leigh Diprose and I’m a professional photographer with a passion to tell the world about photography. I thought I would write an article to share what it’s like to work for an imaging company, in my case Fujifilm Australia. I’ve been around cameras ever since the late 90s and more so when I started my first job in Sydney in the year 2000. Since then I’ve worked in photo labs and managed various retail photographic stores. The experience has proved worthwhile as I’ve learned a lot about cameras and imaging.  Having had the years of experience with darkrooms, film and digital I found myself exposed to a wide range of products and experiences. Part of my current role is to write informative photography articles while working alongside the product team. I spend a small part of my week interacting with many of you to help learn how X-Series cameras could be better. I also spend time conducting research through social media on what you like and don’t like about Fujifilm’s cameras. This all in turn helps me write a better article on the Fujifilm Australia Blog as well as contributing to make the products better……

Source: www.bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.com

Fuji X-Pro1

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