Which Camera to take…today? | Dennis Post

Life would be simpler if there wasn’t so much choice. Which movie to watch, which sunglasses to wear, which hamburger to pick. As to the question, which camera to choose is an entirely different one. The challenge with camera’s is that the technology in the digital photography world is so fast developing that sometimes it seems better to wait. Wait for the next big thing out there. Really? Years ago, I was shooting with a Nikon D90. Simple, reliable, operating to full satisfaction. Shooting at 12MP, simple medium range zoom, JPEG only, and I-Photo post-processing. Happy, happy. So, what the heck happened? A friend of mine, an enthusiast photographer talked to me about Leica, how wonderful the camera operates, and how brilliant the rangefinder experience was. So, instead of renting one and see for myself, I jumped the gun, sold my D90, and obtained a real Leica M8 on E-Bay with a Zeiss ZM 50mm 2.0. I happened to had a trip planned to Paris, and what could be nicer than going to Henry Cartier Bresson territory armed with my new classic, yet digital rangefinder…….

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