Why Do You Need More Likes or Followers? | Eric Kim

One thought that I’ve been thinking about: why do we “need” more likes or followers? Do we desire more likes or followers because it boosts our self-esteem? Or because it helps validate our photography? Or because we want to gain more power, fame, money, and influence with our work? Or a little bit of everything? Why do we need to upload a photograph everyday? One of the things about the internet is that we always expect things to be updated. We love visiting blogs (myself included) where there is always “new content” everyday (sometimes several times a day). With social media, we love the dopamine hit we get from our daily fix of likes/favorites/comments/new followers. It gives us a sense of progress, a sense of meaning, and happiness to get that feedback and external affirmation…….

Source: Why Do You Need More Likes or Followers?