As almost everybody coming from analog photography, I’ve always been a big fan of full-frame digital sensors. There are several reasons for it, among the others:

  • you get better results
  • there aren’t strange calculations to determine your resulting focal length (or I should probably simply admit that math is not my bigger strength)
  • after many years shooting analog SLR, full frame sensors gives a sense of “home”
  • bigger sensor means bigger pixels, and a resulting better signal/noise ratio


A few years back, as soon as I could let the crop-sensor’s camera behind me and finally embrace affordable full-sensor bodies (thank you Canon for leading the way with the first EOS 5D) I’ve always been an advocate of FF and I was very happy to see my beloved 35mm f1.4 to be again a 35mm f1.4, my beloved 50mm f1.4 to be again a 50mm f1.4, and so on…

Fujifilm came in to the game a few years ago and introduced a game changer, the X100. A (relatively) small camera with a fix 35mm equivalent lens, fast (f 2.0) and APS-C size sensor with a quality to leave astonished. Damn it! I love the 35 mm, I shoot 3/4 of my picture around this focal length! Clearly enough I couldn’t resist… it was love at first sight, I bought it and it became my daily companion! Not one day without it! Professional assignments, personal projects, family pictures…. pretty much everything done with it…….

Source: gianlucacolla.tumblr.com

Fuji X-T1

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