Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit… | Cameron Mead

After 2.5 years or so shooting with various lenses and my amazing Fujifilm XE2, I decided that I had had enough. Too many lenses and options including bigger lenses (xf23 1.4). My favorite lens has been the 27mm for the reason that it made photography fun and have captured some of my favorite photos ever with it since I would often have it with me. I also have a 70d kit with a few zoom lenses to take out when I really want to cover an event, usually motorsport or surf etc, so really I felt I didn’t really need two full systems with lens options for each. The simple one lens option makes you think less about options and just more about the shot, its light and a joy to use and shoot with. BUT I found that with the Fujifilm I was always constantly unsure which lens to take as they are all so good……..

Source: Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit… – OnCam Photography