Why Is Image Quality Important? | Eric Kim

It seems that we as photographers have this overly-obsessive fascination and obsession with “image quality” — through how sharp our images are, how well “bokeh” renders, the depth-of-field or “3d-ness” of images, how much the colors “pop”, or things such as “micro-contrast” (not even sure what this is, but I hear it mentioned a lot). But my main question is this: why is image quality important— and is it important at all? Believe me— I’m a sucker for “image quality” — or how the image looks to me. To me aesthetics of an image are important. For example, I despise looking at black-and-white photos that have too low of a contrast. I don’t know why, but many black-and-white photos are greatly improved by increasing the contrast in the image……..

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