Why the new FujiFilm X-Pro2 is a DSLR killer | Dave Kai Piper

Dave Kai_Piper is a Fashion Photographer from the UK whose been playing with the brand new FujiFilm X-Pro2 prior to it’s official launched today. Here’s why he thinks it’s a game changer… Since the I got my hands on the FujiFilm X-Pro2 pre launch, it’s the first time I have had a totally non-DSLR set up in my main case. The mix of the 16mp X-T1 & the 24mp X-Pro2 gives me all the flexibility and power that I need. The other recent addition, alongside the X-Pro2 is the XF 90mm lens. Together the pair have totally re-energised my passion for photography. I still shoot RAW pretty much all the time, but the raw files of the new X-Trans 3 sensor are just awesome. The form factor of the X-Pro2 is the same from the X-Pro 1, but since I no longer carry the D800 as a main camera, I don’t have to carry two sets of lenses or a duel set up of batteries, the result is a lighter case yet being able to also carry a wider range of lenses + an extra Cactus RF90, I used to just carry one speedlight……….

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Really? A game changing ‚film‘ camera? Words fail me… This is so far round the curve it could bite us in the butt. I found the first model Brownie, a beautifully crafted wooden box with a fixed lens @ a garage sale for 5$ the other day. I wonder if I might be able to find film for it & start snapping away? Retro is the new black. Sorry, but I just can’t buy (literally or otherwise) this one. For a select few who will be able to create some interesting images, maybe, but for the rest of us? I don’t think so…

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