X-Mount & XF lenses may support fX | John Caz

Yes, you read that right but before fast scrolling through to the end, please read this blog post from start to finish. I am not affiliated with Fujifilm in any way, and I’m no optical engineer either, just a photographer with time on his hands to experiment and ponder on some questions that have been bothering me ever since comparing my Fujifilm X-T1 with my D800. Please journey with me on my quest to figure out if the X mount and X series lenses can support a larger sensor. When I first compared the Nikon full frame body with the X-T1, the first thing that intrigued me was the large size of the mount throat compared to the size of the sensor. That got me thinking, so I started comparing some bodies to see if i could get a better picture of what was really happening. While looking at this comparison, we must not forget that the Nikon being a DSLR has the sensor further back from the mount so beware of miniaturizing perspective. Personally what I see is plenty of room for the Fuji sensor to grow. (Nikon F-mount 44mm, Flange to focal plane 46.5mm. Fujifilm X-mount 44mm, Flange to focal plane 17,7mm) …..

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Fuji X-T1

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