X-StreeT1: My Fujifilm X-T1 Review | Jonas Rask

This will be somewhat different from my usual “reviews”. Well, they aren’t really reviews per se. Much more like me praising the hell out of glorious lenses and cameras. (I’m overly positive, I know!) So, on May 27th, I caved, and bought the X-T1. I had shown some latency, since I really disliked the way the camera looked as compared to my X-Pro1. Looks???? you ask. “Why on earth is that important, Jonas?” Well for starters, it probably doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but to me it does. How a camera feels to me, makes me relate to it, and actually makes my pictures look better! Dunno why. It just does. I like aestetics. I like design. I like order. I like simple. I like my X-Pro1… ALOT! Why did the X-T1 need more dials? Why did it need a EVF hump? Why did it need that big FUJIFILM logo screaming on the front? Why did it need a tilt screen? ….

Source: jonasraskphotography.com