XF 35mm F2 WR | Ivan Joshua Loh

Once in awhile something special comes into the world of photography. Generally speaking most of the time; that “something special” comes at a cost. Its because of either the rarity, the expensive material used or the special way its being manufacture in the sic-fi factory in a secret location. The Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 with the square metal hood is one of the reason that got me so hook to the X-series system. I would dare say its quite magical. The IQ that this small wonder produces is truly outstanding. Today I would like to welcome a new member of the even growing X-series family; the XF35 F2 WR. Yes its weather resistant! There is no fear in shooting that bikini model by the sea or pool anymore. Provided you mount this lens on a X-T1……

Source: ivanjoshualoh.com

Fujinon XF Lenses

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