Xpro 2 + FUJINON LENS XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR in Dalanzadgad . Mongolia | William Chua

It was Spring in Mongolia, but temperature hovers about -10 degress to -20 degrees. It was the right time to put the camera into test, and determine if it can withstand shooting for long periods of time in that harsh environment. I have had experiences shooting in sub zero temperature when I was chasing Northern Lights in Iceland, Norway and Finland. But I have to admit that Spring in Mongolia is comparable if not harsher than what I have experienced before up North. In fact, weather was so bad, that my flight into Ulaanbaatar was delayed by 24 hours due to the extreme wind conditions.. SO how did the xpro2 perform? I have to give it a thumbs up. Even though I had no chance to shoot a timelapse video, the camera was always out in the field, taking photos and video. Here was no experience of a screen blackout, and even when I was shooting till my fingers felt numb, the camera still maintains its performance. Next question from most people is probably about the battery life. To start with, battery life for mirrorless cameras is definitely not one of their strong point. However, in that temperature, the battery did not deteriorate any further. I would think that the battery life maintains its normal performance. And what I liked about the Xpro2 is also the more accurate battery indicator. Compared to the Xt1, I now know better when the battery is going dead……..

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