XPRO2 First impressions : A beast of a camera or do I sense some disappointment ? | Tom Leuntjens

I’ve been using fuji camera’s on assignment ever since the XPRO1 came out. I’ve been shooting all my work Fuji exclusive since the release of the XT1. While the XT1 is good enough for my main line of work (weddings) there are 2 reasons why I wanted to upgrade. The ergonomics of the X-T1, The D-pad gives me muscle cramps after a full day and it doesn’t have dual SD cards. (That extra insurance on a wedding day is worth the upgrade by itself.) So last friday I picked up my long anticipated pre-order and with no assignments that weekend I bored family, friends & instagram with it. Besides the fact that you expect the XPRO2 to be better than all previous models … these were my very first thoughts after only one day…….

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