Yes, I would love some T please! | Paul Schlemmer

I have a girlfriend for past couple years. Man,I got lucky and she’s quite amazing. I mean, of course sometimes she pisses me off. Sometimes I piss her off totally. Sometimes I’m acting like an asshole and have all these bizarre, ridiculously high requirements. But you know, we love each other, we know each other pretty good, sometimes we fight hard- just like every other solid happy relationship. Earlier this year she got herself a new haircut. Went from long hair to shorter, more attractive looking haircut. Amazing. Sort of like a dating a new chick if you know what I mean. Banging a totally new smarter chick but legally and with all the advantages of a previous long term relationship. Why am I telling you this and why is this relevant? Because it’s the same story with me and the new Fujifilm X100T. „That’s a silly comparison“ …..


Fuji X100T

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