Yet Another Rumor Suggests that Fuji Will be Going
Full-Frame Mirrorless Soon | Petapixel

Murmurings that Fujifilm will be one of the next companies to introduce a full-frame mirrorless camera aren’t new. The X200 is supposedly going to be full-frame and Fuji’s executives themselves confirmed that they “would like to challenge” the full-frame market when they spoke to DPReview at CP+. Pilling on to all this talk is a new piece of info sent to Fuji Rumors that seems to indicate the X200 isn’t the only camera Fuji might be packing a full-frame sensor into. According to the tipster — who is a new source, so extra salt on this one — the X-Pro2 is also going to be a full-frame camera. The source was also kind enough to fill in some details, explaining that none of the current Fuji lenses will work with the full-frame model, and so Fuji will be releasing 3-5 new FF Fujinon lenses at the same time to make sure early adopters have some glass to play with in addition to Leica lenses via a detachable mount……..

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