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Just last week, Fuji released their new camera, the X-Pro2. I have read quite few reviews about the new camera, and I believe that it is amazing, but as every camera is released, I am reminded of the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and I am reminded of something much more important: you don’t need a new camera to take better photographs! Now that I am mainly involved in building phlow, a new digital newsstand for pictorial magazines, I am much less involved in the day-to-day photo taking, and from time to time I am struggling in finding my path. The X-Pro2 is a lovely new camera I would love to have, but there is something I am reminded every time a new camera is released: I need my photography to get better, not my gear! Nowadays, every new camera is great, but every camera is more than simply “good enough“. I tend to agree with those that says that cameras should not be blamed for bad photos, we need to blame bad photographers! Would you like to know why you don’t need a new camera?……


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Robert Capa said something to the effect that if you wish to find the measure of a photographer give him a leica a a 35mm lens and see what you get.
A poor craftsman blames his tools

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