Zeiss Touit 12mm e 32mm | Max Angeloni

Zeiss’s presence into the CSC camera market seems the final consecration of such cameras. They are no longer a „second choice“ camera systems but effective photographic tools capable of satisfying the needs of the most experienced photographers.

During their first years of life the CSC cameras have had to find a spot of their own in the wild photographic market. Many thought that such cameras would have lead to a quick fall of the DSLR cameras systems in favour of the new mirrorless camera systems. Reality is different and the high end compact cameras are the ones that suffered the most because of the CSC cameras. There are various reasons for this. First of all, the fact that these young systems were rough, were not as mature as the DSLR ones, especially for what concerns the overall performances. Also, the limited number of lenses available, compared to the incredible amount available for the most used systems forced the CSC cameras to be a consumer oriented product rather than a professional one…….

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