A Night in Taquile, Lake Titicaca | Peru | Daniel Korzeniewski

I am sitting on the open stern of a touristy motorboat navigating the highest lake in the world. Just observing the immense blue sky reflecting in the water with the Andes as a backdrop is an exhilarating experience. This is Lake Titicaca and I am really grateful to be back. This is my second time on Lake Titicaca. One of the best things about going to the same places more than once is that you can adjust your itinerary or likings based on  your past findings. While pre-research always play an important role in travel photography, there is no better way than a previous trip to give you the knowledge of exactly what you’ll need to shoot this time. Last year at Titicaca I did the classic two-day tour that’s normally arranged for visitors who wants to experience a home-stay on the island. The first stop is Uros, then you sleep in Amantani and make a morning visit to Taquile; you can check out my past experiences by clicking here. In that trip I was hooked on Taquile; I knew back then that if I came to Peru again, I’d have to stay at least one night in Taquile. Somehow the island seemed more authentic, with more opportunities to document locals and the way of life…..

Source: danielkorzeniewskiphoto.com

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