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Inspiration: Thomas Menk | Fuji vs. Fuj

As a reader of this site, you almost certainly already know Thomas Menk as the hardest working guy in Fuji curation. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the appearance his work as a photographer in my Twitter feed even more.

While I’ve always enjoyed Thomas’ photography, I really like the the images he’s been posting from a recent workshop in Venice. The processing is sublime. There’s a feel to them that I haven’t seen from him before that stops me from scrolling, and compells me to just enjoy the image.

Interview with Thomas Menk | FStopLounge

For a long time, I had wanted to interview Thomas Menk for our show, The State Of Mirrorless, but when I finally contacted him, he told me he was not comfortable doing a video interview, so we settled for an e-mail one and here it is.

Thomas Menk defines himself as a fine art photographer, a designer, a philosopher, a composer, a father, a learner and a human being. He is undoubtedly all of those, but he’s also an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and the curator of a growing and popular collection of links to blog posts and web pages about the Fuji X series of cameras. Based on my interaction with him, he seems to me a soft-spoken, humble gentleman that is not going to be changed by his popularity. If you read his answers, I am sure you will agree with me…..

Inspired Eye Issue 11

The 11th issue of Inspired Eye contains 6 interviews with photography educators. John Free graces the cover for this issue as he is interviewed in it, other great photographers you can learn a thing or two from includes Gene Lowinger, Ed Vatza, Kevin Mullins, Thomas Menk, David Holliday. As the travel feature, a superb travelogue piece by Carl Valiquet on the Sumba Island. Also included is a time period photo-essay on London in the 80′s. The issue also has the monthly columns of In the Streets with Street Shooter and the Reader’s gallery.“

Fujifilm X-Photographer

Thomas Menk is a Fine-art photographer based in Hachenburg, Germany…..Thomas: „I think photography is one way for me to slow down my time and feel again the slowness in a frantic world. What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce. My style is simple, reduced, straight and melancholy. I am mostly interested in urban landscape, landscape and travel photography. I like portrait shooting only in real settings not in a studio or clean mise-en-scène situation. I like image processing and the power of non-acceptance of my images :-)“

IMAG Magazin

Thomas Menks Fotos entführen uns in die weite Welt und tragen uns bis zum Horizont. Meist menschenleer mit dramatischem Himmel und ruhiger Wasserfläche vermitteln sie den Eindruck der Stille, des angehaltenen Atems, eines besonderen Augenblicks. Zu sehen sind sie z.B. in den Einrichtungshäusern von Leicher Wohnen in Hachenburg und Limburg, zwei hängen sogar in Tokio im Headoffice von Fujifilm, einem der weltweit wichtigsten Hersteller von Kameras und Fotobedarf. Andere fanden den Weg zu diversen Ausstellungen – die nächste ist im November in der Galerie Incontro in Eitorf…….

Olaf and Kasia Sztaba

Scoop it/Fuji X – curated by Thomas Menk, a great photographer himself. Thomas has a unique ability to select great articles and photography from all over the web for our enjoyment. By visiting his website I know I will get the most important reviews, best photography and opinions without spending hours browsing the Internet. Bookmark his website, support it and you won’t be disappointed.Thomas Menk – his European flair in the art of seeing makes you enjoy his photography like no other. Beautiful processing and presentation……


1. Thomas Menk: Fine Art Photography.
On Thomas’ website, not only will you find a collection of his wonderful personal photographic work, but you’ll also encounter a treasure trove of articles he has collected about the Fuji X Series. In fact, I would call it the most comprehensive collection of Fuji-related articles on the Web. Thomas is extremely selective about which articles he chooses to post, so you know every visit to his site is worth your time and attention. It is updated on a daily basis…..

Jeff Sinclair

Thomas Menk is a Fuji X series photographer based in Germany. As well as being an excellent photographer, Thomas curates articles on Fuji X series cameras that are housed on his website and the Italian site Scoop. If, like me, you are fan of Fuji cameras and want to read about other users experiences (both good and bad) navigate to either the Scoop site or Thomas’s blog. Some of my favourite X series photographers are regularly featured on Thomas’s site. I recommend looking at the work of the following photographers who are masters of light and fans (mostly) of the X-Pro and other X series cameras…….

Harry Fish

The splendid Thomas Menk blog has just reffered to one of my last posts. I am much honored as his site is a main reference in photography and even more with respect to Fuji X photographers in the world. Thomas is doing a relevant work as an editor of his blog as well as his very famous Fuji site Thomas has recently been appointed as a FUJI X photographer by FUJI.

Michael Schaake

Thomas Menk und seine über die Fuji X Kameras. Thomas ist ein weiterer hervorragender Fotograf.  Er berichtet auf seinen Seiten über Neuigkeiten zum Thema Fuji X und zeigt viele seiner außergewöhnlichen Bilder…

Jiri Ruzek

Late at night, a bottle of wine was empty and I decided to delete some emails and go to sleep. Among tons of spam was one email from the, leading me to a big collection of Fuji X related articles, currated by a German photographer Thomas Menk, a big Fuji fan. Before I went to sleep, I read about 20 articles from this collection and when I woke up next morning, I knew I am going to sell Nikon and buy Fuji. Danke, Thomas :)

Vicent Opoku

For the most comprehensive Fujifilm X-related articles and up-to-date news, check out Fujirumors and Thomas Menk’s : these sites provided me with a wealth of information in regards to getting to know these fujifilm cameras……

Régis Lessent

Here is a photo blog I really like. You can find nice galleries and lots of tips and tricks. On top of it, if you have pictures you’d like to show to the world, don’t hesitate to contact Thomas, he is really friendly and he has lots of visitors!…..

Tim Bray

I’m firmly in the Fujifilm camp, for now; if only because of the relentless responsive purity of the camera designs. Others who share my taste might want to start following Thomas Menk a.k.a. @Fuji_X_Pro who curates more or less everything Fujifilm-X-related that trickles onto the Web.

Bjorn Moerman

Last but not least, if you have the slightest interest in the Fuji X series camera system, make sure that you visit the two following links by German Photographer Thomas Menk. He does a great job collecting all X-series related blogposts at: and

Jörg Langer

Für alle Systemkamerafreaks und Freunde der Spiegellosen Kameras möchte ich Euch folgenen Artikel des Bloggers und Systemkamerafans Thomas Menk ans Herz legen: Hier oder direkt in das entsprechende Flipboard. Schaut Euch das mal! Für Systemkamerafans ein echtes muss, wie ich finde.


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