Good times in Jamaica | Karim Haddad

I finally made it out to Jamaica… nearly two months ago!! What can I say? There are plenty of distractions in Miami outside of work that might have played some part in delaying this post. I left on Christmas day to meet a couple friends who were flying in from Baltimore. It was my first (personal) trip to the Caribbean since I moved to Miami. As long as I’m here, I can’t complain about all the tropical destinations that are less than three hours away, and I need to do a better job of taking advantage of them. I had been wanting to go to Jamaica for a long time – the beaches and Kingston. Although we were only visiting Montego Bay and Negril on this trip, I still had high expectations. One of the things I was most excited about was my next opportunity to take pictures outside of the US, even if I wasn’t able to get a waterproof camera in time. I arrived about an hour before my friends. As soon as I cleared customs at Montego Bay, I went to the bar outside the airport for some Red Stripes and beef patties. I documented that whole experience via my iPhone on Instagram. I was looking forward to doing more of that, but sadly my phone did not survive much longer. It was charging while we were at the hotel getting ready to hit the beach. As we were rushing out I snatched the phone off the table, forgetting to screw in that crucial piece on my waterproof case. About an hour later, as I laid back floating on the water, I pulled the phone out to to take a picture only to notice that the case had been completely flooded with salt water. Not cool… but needless to say, I had brought my X-Pro1 along on the trip……

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