I’m an official Fujifilm X Photographer | Thomas Menk

Launched on 20th June 2012, the X-Photographers website is an growing online gallery of images shot by photographers who use FUJIFILM X series cameras. It displays the high quality output and creativity that X series cameras offer photographers. Visitors get a true feel for what X series premium digital cameras can offer and why they are loved by so many photographers. Since end of December I’m part of this elitist circle: I’m an offical X-Photographer :-) Thank you very much Fuji. This is a great honor for me!

See on X-Photographer online Gallery

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Congratulations, and it does not come as a surprise to me. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Congratulations Thomas! I think it’s time to make you an official X-Ambassador as well :-) You’ve done so much to serve the X-Community and converting newcomers to believers by your blog & scoop.it site.
Really enjoy the selection of pix in your X-Gallery.
How does one get the called to be an X-Shooter?
I think all of us fans dream of the same accolade one day!
All the very best,

Thx Gerald for your appreciation :-) Fujifilm mailed me: Your imagery is very good and you are a very keen advocate of Fujifilm X :-)

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