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Leica has announced the M Monochrom (Typ 246), an updated version of its black & white-only rangefinder camera. Whereas the original M Monochrom was based on the M9 with its 18MP CCD sensor, the new model is based on the latest M-P (Typ 240) that uses a 24MP full frame CMOS sensor. The Typ 246 employs an identical body design to the M-P, but the sensor has no colour filter array, resulting in exceptionally sharp monochrome images. Removal of the CFA means that more light reaches the sensor, and this has a knock-on effect to the sensitivity range, which now covers ISO 320 to 25000. Leica says that dynamic range is also improved, and captured in the 14-bit DNG Raw files. The rear LCD has 912,600 dot resolution, and uses a sapphire glass cover with anti-reflective coatings. Continuous shooting is available at 4 fps, thanks to a 4GB buffer and Leica’s bespoke Maestro processor…….

Source: www.amateurphotographer.co.uk

Leica M Monochrome

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