X-Pro2. STYLE with SUBSTANCE | Ivan Joshua Loh

“Fashion comes and and go. Style is forever.” If I may rephrase this; “Camera comes and go, only those with soul last.” Like the
X-Pro1. I am blessed to have the privilege to test out the new X-Pro2. It has indeed mature. The AF is a huge leap from its predecessor. Super fast and accurate. And now with a 24MP sensor; I get heaps of details from my pictures for all my commercial shoots. To top it up its now weather seal too. Everything on this camera is on my finger tip. All the control in now place toward the right side of the camera. I still remembered how excited I was when I first used XPro1; with the X-Pro2; the feeling is the same except I think now my heart beats a lot faster. Its indeed a very exciting and sexy camera to use. I am in love again. here are some key features of X-Pro2 that I love……

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