2015 – words and pictures | Anthony Owen-Jones

What kind of blog doesn’t have a retrospective on the year just past eh? Well, this one nearly didn’t. However, as much as the year tailed off, I wanted to reflect on what a good year 2015 has been – Read more …

Life with a Fuji X-T1 | Anthony Owen-Jones

Now, I’m not a prolific photographer by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not someone who grew up and was given a camera whilst still teething and has been inseparable from it ever since or feels the need to photograph everything I see (there’s no judgement of others here!).  I did however develop a passion for it when I bought my first ‘serious’ camera a few years back.  Somewhere along the way, that got lost. Now there are a variety of reasons for this, most not relevant to this post.  However one of them was the practicality of photography.  If we rewind back a bit, I’ll explain. I took up photography somewhat speculatively, I’d always thought it was something I could get into but I wasn’t certain it’d work out for me but I decided to give it a go.  I bought a Canon 600D with kit lens and was pretty much hooked from the get go.  The 600D served me well but, like most, I then started to feel like I was out growing it.  The build quality was good but could be better, the best Canon lenses worked on it but weren’t designed for it.  My first serious camera was no longer serious enough – I needed to upgrade.   Here is where the problems started…….

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