Justifying the Purchase of a Leica | Leicaphilia

In one version of our lives, childhood is a series of deprivations and desires whereby we want things we can’t have, some of which we grow out of or just forget. In my case, I was seized with heartache when Read more …


Anatomy of a Leica | Leicaphilia

Cutaway Diagram of a Leica. (The Cine-Technician, Sep-Oct. 1939) See on


Native New York, An Ongoing Visual Journey | Damaso Reyes

I belong to that seemingly rarest of species: the Native New Yorker. I was born and raised in the city, even going to college there. But since then I have spent most of my adult life wandering the globe, first Read more …


My life with Leica (take three) | Joel Meyerowitz

Third and final part of the interview that Leica Akademie Italy has made with Joel Meyerowitz in Milan. The american master talks about the Leica S medium format camera, and how this camera is capable of delivering an image quality Read more …