A day with a Leica Master | Chris Bilodeau

It’s not often that you get to spend time with a true master.  I heard about Youxin Ye online from pretty much everyone on the planet that is somehow connected to Leica cameras.  Just ask anyone who the best person to repair such a fine instrument is and you will probably hear Mr. Ye’s name.  He has a reputation for doing such amazing work.  So, when I had the opportunity to sit at his workbench for 4 hours this week, I was pretty excited.  I am a Leica nut and always wanted to know how a Leica M3 worked.  Well, I got to learn from a master. A Leica M3 is quite possibly the greatest camera in history.  Like a fine Rolex watch, it is beautifully functional.  It is completely mechanical and born of brass and alloy.  There are no batteries.  There is nothing but gears, glass and metal…engineered by the finest craftsmen beginning in 1954.  It would only make sense that it be restored by another fine craftsman today……

Source: chrisbilodeauphotographyblog.com

Leica M-P 240

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