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Fujifilm X100S, street photography, in the most liveable city in the world | Maya Sugiharto

A love story… As 2015 came to an end, sadly, so did PROJECT 23. It took me out onto the streets of Melbourne, with my trusted Fujifilm X100S for 23 weeks, and gave me the opportunity to collaborate with Fujifilm Australia. I was left with mixed emotions. I always feel great after completing a successful creative project – to see the results, the feedback, and the experience itself is an extremely satisfying feeling. However at the same time, I always feel lost and find myself coming up with all these new ideas for new projects so that I can get myself back out there to begin something new. Whether the project is two weeks or six months, I have a longing and excitement when I’m finished to begin what’s next……..

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Fujifilm Kaizen, where art thou? | Marco Larousse

This post has been sitting in my “pending blog post“ folder for more than one year now. I have been patiently waiting to see if Fuji would address these issues. But after this wasn’t even talked about during the “5 years of Fuji X celebrations“ I have updated this post and will share it now. One of the most amazing things that Fujifilm has done with their X-cameras compared to their established competitors was, that they updated the camera firmware to fix bugs and to enhance speed and camera/lens functions. These updates have been constant. But on top of that, they even added new features to existing cameras! Nobody does that. It was a given that if you wanted to have new features in a camera, you had to buy the next model of that camera. Fuji took a different path and explained this to be the “Kaizen” philosophy. The Japanese word “Kaizen” means “improvement” or “change for the better” and in business terms it is understood as “continuously improve all functions.” This does not need to be limited to products, but can apply to all processes in a company…..

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Why DxOMark Doesn’t Test Fujifilm Cameras | Michael Zhang

If you reference camera sensor ratings published by DxOMark, you may have noticed that the France-based company doesn’t test Fujifilm cameras. It’s surprising, given that Fujifilm sensors have been praised by many reviewers in recent years. No, DxOMark doesn’t have anything against Fujifilm, and no, it’s not something fishy going on behind the scenes. The reason is simple: DxOMark isn’t currently able to properly test X-Trans sensors. If you look at the DxOMark database, you’ll see that the last Fujifilm camera they reviewed was the Fujifilm XF1 in 2012. That’s the year Fujifilm launched its new X-Trans sensor technology in the X-Pro1, and X-Trans sensors have appeared in Fuji X-Series cameras ever since…….

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Madrid Market | Jim Henderson

The market of San Miguel off the Calle Mayor is a bustling market attracting many tourists but also serving locals alike. The people who earn their living there work very hard and have long hours. At the end of a days work you can easily see the tiredness on their faces. These photographs were shot on a Fuji X 100S or a Fuji XT1 with the 16mm – 55mm lens. Information in exif data for shooting setup for each photograph……..

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X-PLR | Marrakesh | V. Opoku

Marrakesh ; Beautiful and Chaotic. This short trip to Marrakesh served as a timely reminder of why I love travelling. I want to see the world. I want to educate myself. I want to grow and develop as a person. I travel to explore and experience different cultures and to see things through the perspective of others. I travel to build connections and trade stories, to try new foods and hear different music. “The further I get, the further I want to go” – There is so much more out there! I had a great time exploring this mystical city with the awesome folks at Travel Noire, let’s do it again sometime……..

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Fujifilm announces new hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500
for X-Series cameras | Fujifilm Global

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it is developing a new high-end external flash “SHOE MOUNT FLASH EF-X500”. The EF-X500 allows users to expand their photography with high-speed synchronization and multiple flash TTL auto functions. It will be added to the premium camera “X-Series” system accessory line-up in May 2016.

< Main Features >

  • Low-profile, premium design that is perfectly suited to compact and lightweight X-Series cameras.
  • High-speed synchronization (FP) that supports the 1/8000 sec. shutter found in the FUJIFILM X-Pro2.
  • Multiple flash-unit TTL auto function unleashes users‘ creativity by allowing them to control any lighting conditions.
  • Weather and dust resistant making it the perfect companion for the FUJIFILM X-T1 and X-Pro2, which have the same levels of protection……..

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Choosing a Raw Processor for Fuji X-Trans Files – Updated |
Thomas Fitzgerald

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about choosing a raw converter for Fuji X-Trans files. I spoke about which was my favourite piece of software at the time, and I did a pros and cons list for some of the various different converters on the market. Since that was back in 2014, a lot has changed since then. There are major new versions of several of the applications out now, and I’ve changed my mind as to which I prefer personally. The original post still gets lots of traffic, but because of the fact that the applications have been updated, and as I’ve much more experience now, I felt that it was time to do an updated version of that article. Before I get to the comparison chart, let me first talk about how my own preferences have changed. At the time of the original post, Photo Ninja was my preferred converter. While I do still like Photo Ninja, it hasn’t received any major updates in over 2 years. All of the other applications that I use have been updated. I also feel that for my usage, Capture One is a better all round application. Of course, that’s just my personal preference……..

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Fujifilm X-T10

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Ultimate Landscape – Part1: X-Series Kit | Pete Bridgwood

With their X-series cameras, Fujifilm are creating the ultimate tools for Landscape Photographers. The soulful images created by X-trans sensors have a characteristic ‘feel’ that’s impossible to achieve using anything else. X-series cameras are also incredibly intuitive, they are a joy to use, and that translates into a more emotive overall experience; the landscape ‘aesthetic’ is no longer so restricted to experience of the final print, but extends right back to the image capturing stage, on location. Given such tantalising possibilities of artistic enlightenment, it’s no surprise that so many photographers are making the switch to Fuji, but for many Landscape Photographer converts, these are often secondary discoveries. The decision to switch systems is often driven by the massive size and weight advantages of the X-series cameras over their outdated alternatives……

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Fuji X-T1

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Fine Art Portraiture with the Fuji X Series – An Interview |
Bill Gekas

Welcome to our series of 100 interviews we will be holding with photographers who use mirrorless cameras for their work! “Switching to a smaller and lighter system” has become somewhat a buzz phrase as of late, but many working photographers take this philosophy seriously. From medical reasons such as resolving back and shoulder pain to the simple realisation that bigger does not mean better, photographers are turning to mirrorless systems now more than ever before. This week’s interview is with Bill Gekas, a self-taught portrait photographer from Melbourne who rose to fame with his fine art portraits of his daughter Athena. Originally a Pentax user, he switched to the Fujifilm X series for his work last year, investing first in the X100s and then in the X-E1 and X-T1. His photographs have been featured in various publications and media outlets including BBC, NBC Today, ABC News, Daily Mail and others…….

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Fuji X-T1

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A Summary of 2015 and our Favourite Images of the Year |
Olaf Sztaba

As this year comes to an end it is our turn to look back. Although 2014 was a year of transformation, search and renewal, this year could best be described as full-steam ahead. Our way of seeing has evolved and become more demanding. The general appeal of pretty, attractive, colourful and easy has gradually been replaced by unique, creative, emotional, difficult and simplified ways of seeing. As a result, 2015 was a year when the fruit of our 2014 detour ripened and we regained control on our route to seeing. Fortunately, we are not alone on this journey. You used your valuable time to visit our pages, view our imagery and read our essays. What a privilege! We are especially thankful for your commentary and for sharing your stories and experiences. We read them all and enjoyed every contact. There are so many people to thank for your generous support that it is impossible to name everyone. Thank you all. You know whom we are talking about……

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Fuji X-T1

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