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Okinawa with the Fuji TCL-X100 | Thomas Alan

In part one I put the new Fuji TCL through it’s paces to see how well it would perform in a studio portrait environment. In part two I take it outside to see how it does in more everyday situations. First off, I headed over to the seawall on a bright, blue sky day. Walking around shooting at the beach was a breeze, pun intended, and overall the TCL was a pleasure to shoot with outdoors. The following shots are all straight out of camera with Lightroom v5.5 Lens Correction applied, except for a couple of adjustments that I’ve noted in each image caption…….

Source: thomasalanphoto.com

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Streets of Tokyo | Gabor Nagy

I haven’t blogged for a while now, but loads of things happened in the last couple of months. Couple of photo shoots, weddings, holiday, new website and a new camera… What, new camera? Oh, yeah. I finally said good bye to my Canon kit and got an X-T1 with a 56mm lens to accompany my X-Pro1 and X100s. Wasn’t an easy decision, but time will tell. So far I’m loving it, but because I have plenty of editing to do, I haven’t spent huge amount of time with it. My lovely wife and I spent a week in Tokyo in the middle of July and it was amazing. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with the city and the people in it. The following images are just a little preview from our trip. All photos were taken with the Fuji X100s and the new X-T1……

Source: www.gaborimages.com

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Canon 1DX with Sigma Art 50 vs. Fuji X100s with TCL X100 |
Mark Kitaoka

Today while I was conducting a commercial session I decided to run a quick test. I wanted to compare my work camera, the Canon 1DX using Sigma’s new Art 50mm Lens against my Fuji X100S with the TCL X100 teleconverter attached. Both images were shot using the same studio strobes and modifiers. Camera settings on both units was ISO 200, 1/160th shutter speed, f6.3. Obviously both focal lengths were 50mm. For those who may be sneaky, I’ve removed the EXIF data. It’s quite remarkable what the little Fuji paired with the TCL X100 can do. After all it’s only about a $6,049.00 difference at suggested retail! Smile or no smile, which is which? …..

Source: www.markkitaoka.com

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ThinkTank Retrospective Fan Club | Justin Balog


If I could only choose one bag, it would be the 30. It isn’t much bigger in size, but it does make packing/accessing your gear a bit easier if you are rocking a DSLR or two bodies. However, if you are the mirrorless type (even with two bodies) the 7 would be my choice. My doctor says I’m 5′ 8.5″, but pride myself on being 5’9″ and all the bags fit me pretty good…..

Source: www.thephotofrontier.com

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Fuji X100s… Dedicated To The Souls Lost In Flight MH17 |

Well, if your a regular follower of this blog, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted too much in the last few weeks. No excuses either. No, I’ve been making some photos, not many but some. Nah. Not really sick, The VA with all the bad press, takes good care of me. We’ll i do have a passing but recurring illness. It’s a case of Igotlazytopostontheblogitis. Olivier was no help during this time of perpetual laziness. He just kept telling what needed to be done and the deadline. Ya know what I need from the world at this point of time is not photography and it’s not my intent to say everything is just a pretty picture. I am and have always been a CNN addict. That just means that I want to know what is going on in the world. The new effects me in different ways. For example, I am near to the Cold War in the Home front. Tanya and I don’t see eye to eye on the Ukrainian War. What does this have to do with photography? …..

Source: streetshooter.net

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Fuji TCL-X100 review Part 1 | Thomas Alan

For the record, the studio is possibly one of the worst environments to test and judge the TCL-X100, but it’s where I needed to use it, so take the following with a grain of salt if you have no intentions of using yours in this environment. I’m not a pixel peeper, and you won’t see any charts, graphs, or fancy, mathematical, technical terms here. I judge gear by how easy or difficult it is to work with in the field, and the image results I get. I’m a touchy, feely kind of shooter who loves a piece of gear or an image if it feels right. First, a little backstory on why I purchased the TCL. I’ve been using the x100 now for three years. Initially I purchased the x100 for shooting street. Almost immediately the small camera that could became my favorite camera ever. I love the fast, bright f2.0 35mm equivalent lens, and have never really had issues with it being fixed. In fact, not being able to change lenses has been more of a blessing than a curse. I also own a X-Pro1 that I use for street and studio work. Recently, while working on a long-term portrait project, my 60mm lens on my X-Pro1 started having focusing issues and I was forced to send it in for repair…..
Source: thomasalanphoto.com

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On vacation with Fujifilm X-T1 + 14mm + X100s | Lars Øivind Authen

I recently spend one week camping in the southern and south western part of Norway, on the coast line from Kristiansand to Stavanger. It’s a beautiful area of Norway I think, especially in the summer. You don’t have the nice deep fjords of western Norway, or the mountains of North Norway that goes steep into the sea – but this part of Norway has its beauty of its own I think. I could have used a lower ISO and 1/60 sec and gotten a sharp image – but the wind made the grass swayed in the wind so I bumped the ISO to 800. Also I wanted to use f/16 to get it nice and sharp from front to back. I travelled together with my wife. She is pregnant, and that made some impact of what I could and could not do. Most of my photos were taken during day time, in harsh sun light. Not the best time of the day for taking pictures. Still, I managed to get out some mornings on my own and take som shots, while she was sleeping…..

Source: www.larsauthen.com

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Review Fuji TCL X100 Teleconverter | Mark Kitaoka

I own a Fuji X100S and formerly owned their X100. For my commercial work it is a remarkable tool for the right situation. I use the X100S for personal use since it has so many features I enjoy. I normally don’t write reviews until I’ve had whatever I’m reviewing for a few months, but in this case I’m making an exception. I ordered and purchased my TCL-100 off Amazon through a third party retailer at the street price of 349.00. I had seen retailers from Japan selling the unit prior to its release, but was not willing to pay what they were asking. Although my X100S is silver I really didn’t care that the lens for sale was black. I’ve purposely made my little Fuji look crummy with gaff and grip tape. My clients laugh whenever I bring it out on a commercial shoot. They call it “Mark’s little beat up instamatic,” but after seeing the results never complain about its use for their work………

Source: www.markkitaoka.com

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Voyage, Voyage with the X100S | Olaf Sztaba

One of my favourite visual exercises is to venture out with the Fuji X100S. I usually do it on the weekends and in the early morning and it’s not only for the good light. You would be surprised how public spaces change when deserted. The lack of crowds and noise allows you to concentrate on the art of seeing, at least for me. Why the Fuji X100S? We have written extensively about this gem of a camera and why, in our view, it is still the best digital camera on the market. The greatest appeal lies in its size, simplicity and fixed lens. I walk around looking innocent and people don’t even notice when I take photographs. Many view me as a non-threatening tourist with his little point-and-shoot. The fixed lens, dedicated knobs and lack of camera bags let me focus on theme, light and composition! You may say that it is not a good idea to limit yourself but the longer I’ve been taking photographs, the more I think that constraint is one of the most important pillars of photography……

Source: olafphotoblog.com

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Fujifilm X100S – Fotografia di viaggio – Londra | Andrea Livieri

Circa cinque mesi fa ho acquistato la Fujifilm X100S, e da quel giorno questa piccola compatta è diventata la mia fotocamera principale per gran parte dei lavori che svolgo. Ricordo con simpatia nel 2010 quando, dopo aver acquistato la mia prima reflex seria, mi dimenavo tra negozi online e forum in cerca di più opinioni possibili su quali fossero le ottiche migliori, i flash più performanti, gli accessori consigliati per migliorare le proprie immagini, etc etc. Un delirio insomma. Era il periodo della G.A.S. (Gear Aquisition Syndrome), ci siamo passati tutti, e per alcuni è un vizio sempre latente. Tutt’oggi la gara a chi ce l’ha più grosso sembra più viva che mai tra molti fotoamatori e professionisti, per non parlare dei loghi principe di appartenenza Canon vs. Nikon, l’eterna diatriba. Bene, a distanza di quattro anni ho finalmente capito che per il 90% delle foto che amo fare, la X100S è la fotocamera che mi veste come un calzino, per ergononima, feeling, funzionalità e qualità d’immagine. In questo articolo voglio condividere con te alcune immagini che ho realizzato durante un recente viaggio a Londra, soffermandomi su alcuni dei punti forti della X100S, ma anche su qualche lieve punto debole…….

Source: www.andrealivieriphoto.com

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