Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100 | Olivier Duong

After years of using Nikon and Leica’s . I bought a second hand 1st Generation X100 unit as the reviews on the camera were outstanding and I wanted something small enough to carry with me all the time . The only drawback at that time, is the fact that I had to deal with initially were odd looks and comments of my peers of “Why a Fuji”..LOL!!! I don’t seem to hear much of that nowadays… The only words that give justice to this Gem of a camera comes from the poet WB Yeats … “The world is full of magic Things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”. The X100 is such a Thing! This camera surprises me every time I use it with latitude and range… I actually feel myself getting and better at my art every time I use this baby…….

Source: Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100 – INSPIRED EYE