Leica MP review | Børge Indergaard

Mechanical Perfection. That’s what the MP abbreviation means according to Leica. Is the MP labeling just marketing, or is there some truth to it? Is it really mechanical perfection? For about a year now, I’ve been using the Leica MP as my go-to camera. During that year I’ve shot about 120 rolls of film. That’s not a lot for a year, but I’ve also been using a Leica M240, Fujifilm X100T, Sony RX100M3 and a Hasselblad 501cm during that year. But my primary go-to camera for  shooting has always been the MP, simply because it’s my most inspiring and fun to use camera. The MP I have is a standard production model in black paint. I purchased mine as a demo-model, but it had never been used. It had only been showcased in a glass shelf at a photography exhibition and then it was put straight back into its retail box. This saved me about $1000 off the new price! I purchased mine from Ken Hansen in NYC. He often has good Leica deals available. I recommend checking with him if you’re looking for new or old Leica gear…….

Source: indergaard.net