Leica M262 Review: The rangefinder M returns to its roots | Mike Evans

While it will perform exactly as the more expensive 240, the 262 is intriguing precisely because of its relative simplicity and purity of concept. By all accounts it has had a very positive reception among dedicated rangefinder enthusiasts. M262 and 35mm Summicron ASPH. It represents a move back to rangefinder goodness that Leica fans have been demanding ever since the demise of the M9. Indeed, this nostalgia for the simpler life is manifested in the increasing demand for the previous M model, the M9. Now Leica has settled the sensor problem, second-hand M9s and M9-Ps are in greater demand. I know several owners of Ms and M-Ps who have recently bought “cheap” M9s as a second camera and to enjoy the simplicity and lighter weight of what is fast becoming a classic. Some have even gone back to the M9 exclusively because of its relative purity and easier handling…….

Source: macfilos.com