Thank you and Happy New Year 2015 | Thomas Menk

Hi Guys,

the year 2014 will be finished soon and I would like to thank you for your shares, your pictures, your reviews, for visiting my photographs and my blog at www.tomen.de. 2014 was really amazing. Perhaps some interesting stats:

TOMEN.DE: 2.134.648 site requests by about 1.073.032 visitors and almost 2.400 curations!
SCOOP.IT: 1.557.856 site requests by about 961.185 visitors and almost 2.300 curations!
FLIPBOARD: 1.252.528 page flips by about 59.150 visitors and almost 4.900 curations in two magazins!

Thank you dear photographers :)

I wish you and your families a happy new year, healthiness, inspirations and a lot of fun :-)

Best wishes – Thomas

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Thank you Olaf. I wish you and Kasia a great new year 2015 and hope I will see again a lot of great photographs of you :)

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