Fujifilm X-E2 & XC 50-230mm First Test | Donato Chirulli

We don’t know why, and  we don’t know if this type of policy is really useful for the manufacturers , but we have to take note of a fact: The rumors about the new models of many of the most famous photographic brands on the market. actually come many months before the respective official presentation and, even more , before the real marketing of those items . The fever of news, data , specifications and technical practice tests affects so more and more fans, in constant search of the “ Philosopher’s Stone“ which allows , with minimal effort , to transform the “ lead“ into “ gold.“ Improve ie , the level of the photographs taken by the ever-increasing technical capabilities of the devices. At riflessifotografici .com, we have particular philosophical approach : we appreciate the technological improvements only when these are , really , satisfying the need for daily practice in the field. A technical improvement, in fact , has a real reason to be, when a photographer (amateur or professional ) can get a tangible benefit in his daily practice. Let us not be charmed by “ glitter and sequins ,“ or “ bait and switch “ that serve only to attract the potential customer , and then not really giving anything really useful to the latter, but the knowledge that you have bought .. . the last, glittering model ….. And it is for this reason that, generally , we take it easy when we do our tests. Even with the risk of publishing them when they seem almost obsolete …… We can not , however, prevent us from publishing our “ First Impressions “ , when we have the chance to try out a preview of a new camera and / or new lenses. In this case, we could handle for a couple of days ( exclusive  in Italy) the new Fujifilm XE -2, accompanied by a number of different lenses , including (also in preview ) the Fujinon XC 50 – 230 mm , on the occasion of the National Day of the amateur photographer , worthily organized by the tireless members of the Cultural Photosintesi of Casarano (LE) …….
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