The Fujifilm X-T10 Review – A small powerhouse | Jonas Rask

It’s May 2015, and today the world has seen the launch of yet another great X-series camera from FUJIFILM. The X-T10 is the newest addition to the “T” series, which started with the introduction of the X-T1. With its smaller physical footprint it might not seem like much, but don’t let the size fool you. Beneath the modest exterior there is a full spec professional X-series camera. Thanks to FUJIFILM and its Nordic division, I was able to test out a pre-production sample camera, and really put it through its paces. Aimed at the young creative students, the serious hobbyists, and as a professionals “carry-round” the X-T10 screams diversity of usage. Everything from the build to the new firmware with its brand new autofocus system just begs to be used in a multitude of situations. I tried to take this into account when testing the camera. I placed myself in situations that would challenge the autofocus system as much as I could within the timeframe. I  really tried to treat this camera as my “carry-everyday-everywhere” camera. Meaning that I would shoot any kind of task with it. I took it out on the streets, brought it to work, at dinner, at planned shoots, used it for documentary work, took family snapshots, and yes, I even had it on my nightstand! ……


Fujifilm X-10T

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