The X100T and Marrakesh | STOCKOGRAFIE

Just a few days ago my wife and I got back from an incredible trip from Marrakesh. This city is so amazing, so very different to our city´s we have in Germany. The Medina, where our Riad was situated to the north of this, is absolutely crazy. The narrow streets are filled with people, motorcycles and bicycles. Before we left to this awesome place I was in a real dilemma. What of my gear should I take with me? Just the X100T, some spare batteries and some SD cards? Maybe the full lot? The Olympus E-M1 with the 12-40 as well? It took a lot of thinking and speaking to other fellow visitors such as Marc Wiegelmann to come to the conclusion that the best thing was to just take the X100T, my newly acquired Lensmate, some spare batteries and some SD cards. This decision was the best I could have made. I felt so relieved not having to think which lens to put on or even which camera to take. The other thing is that photographing in Marrakesh is not of the easy sort. Most of the locals don´t want to be photographed and that makes pure street photography very difficult. A small unobtrusive camera like the X100T helps to get the one or the other shot without being noticed. I must admit that the X100T did such a marvelous job in Marrakesh that I am honestly thinking of just using this camera for everything. I have done this once before, photographed with the X100 for over one year and had nothing else and felt happy. The X100T is so much better than the original X100 that it would be an easy one. But that is a different topic. Back to Marrakesh with the X100T slung around my shoulder…….


Fuji X100T

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