1 Year with the FujiFilm XT-1 – A RETROspective |
Caveira Photography

1 year on with the Fuji XT-1 and a myriad of other FujiFilm gear. Honestly, I pondered this post today, started collating some of my favourite photos, and then realised that today is my 1 year anniversary with the FujiFilm XT-1. Spooky?! Nah. Just math. Well, I must say, it has been a fantastic 12 months using Fuji’s X-series 100%. I have traveled a fair bit of the world with my kit and put it through a heck of a lot of varied circumstances. On the streets, through weddings, in the sweat of live music, the pace of MMA, and through various nations, it’s been a fantastic journey developing as a photographer, and as a person, refining my creative path through the medium. Not only that, but my hipster factor has grown exponentially with the XT-1’s retro dials, coupled with my hair…….

Source: www.caveiraphotography.com

Fuji X-T1

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