10-24mm ƒ/4 vs. Primes | Fuji vs. Fuji

Since I made the jump from DSLR to mirrorless, I had been waiting for the lens that would fill the void left by my 14-24mm ultra-wide to wide angle zoom. It was on the roadmap, but months away, and Fujifilm didn’t have a prime that that got even close to a 14mm full frame equivalent. 3rd party offerings like Zeiss’s Touit 12mm got us closer, but still not quite to the width I was used to, and its sharpness had been called into question. Fujifilm’s FUJINON XF 10-24mm ƒ/4 covers an extraordinary range, from 15mm, all the way to 36mm. That’s 1mm narrower on the wide end than I had on full frame, but a full 12mm more on the opposite end of the focal range. The question is, can the 10-24mm ƒ/4 produce photos of a standard of quality that truly realizes its convenience? ….

Source: www.fujivsfuji.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF10-24mm F4.0

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