Fujinon XF18-135mm on the field | Eh Namour

I had in my hands the new Fujinon 18-135mm lens for a short test. No situation could be better than the street photography during a rainy day of Soccer World Cup in Brazil. I took the train with the argentinian and holand supporters and arrived in the stadium neighborhoods. The new 18-135mm is a solid piece of glass, bigger than the other Fujinon X lenses, but still aceptable in therms of mirrorless standards. Personaly I don´t use zoom lenses on my personal work, but I think there are some photographers profile who loves it and keep it always in the bag. I used this lens with my Fuji X-T1, that is water sealed, as the new lens. It was a great test and it worked perfectly. For still situations, the new Optical Image Stabilizer is superb, I could shoot very low speed on my hand. I liked the quality of the lens wide opened, didn´t see noticeable aberrations or vigneting. Its a perfect glass for advanced amateurs, who want a solution for travel, street, portrait (with no bokeh because of the closed aperture). It lacks a wider aperture, mainly for social events as weddings, and for portraits could be better for who loves the bokeh. This lens is the perfect match of versatility and quality……..

Source: www.ehnamour.com