90 Days and counting with The Fuji X series | Ken Jacques

Any time a new system comes along there are always 3 groups of photographers. The first group will say it is not suitable for Professional work and probably never be. The second group will have a wait and see attitude looking at what be with the new technology.  The the last group will be the early adopters such as myself. I have always been this way. I remember switching to digital, one of the first in San Diego and trying with all of my ability to bring my client base along with me. Then after some months more and more were coming along with me. The same holds true with this, except for one fact the clients are all ready on board. I do not have to convince anybody that this is a great thing.I just find it REALLY interesting watching photographers divide into these camps and stake their territory. I have been reading the blogs now for about 6 months, fascinated by the division and by the passion this new movement has brought about. As I was sharing this with some on one of the blogs they mentioned that I couldn’t cover my 2 bowl games that I have each year. Well, you look at the results. I think this was one of my better years with the bowl games…….

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