A conversation with the X-Pro2 | Olaf Sztaba

Olafphoto (O): It’s good to have you here! It’s been a very long wait!

X-Pro2 (X): It took me a while but hey, don’t you think I was worth waiting for?! O: OK, you got me there but please make sure your next incarnation won’t take that long. Some of us got really impatient. X: Let me explain. My creators approached the process of designing me a little bit differently from the others. The intention was to create a camera as a photographic tool that is an extension of the photographer: something that doesn’t get in the way of seeing, but complements it. That kind of camera would amplify the soul and spirit of the image. This objective is very difficult to achieve and requires years of planning, collaboration and consultation……

Source: olafphotoblog.com