A Dabble in Commercial Shooting with My X-E1 | Adriel Henderson

During the workweek you’ll find me at Milwaukee Electronics, an outfit that builds circuit boards for all sorts of neat companies around the US. I don’t actually build any boards myself, I just monkey wrench website tools for the Screaming Circuits division. The last few years I have been heads down in code, so the photography addiction hobby has definitely been feeding the creative side of my soul! But recently I did get to haul my weekend hobby into my day job! I was asked to capture some commercial style photographs of our Portland operation. A nice challenge and a great opportunity to try a different styles of shooting that I’m very interested in. I did a few test shots around the factory, and to be honest, my confidence was a bit rattled by what I found. This is a very dense industrial shop, with visual clutter amped to 11. Manufacturing efficiency trumps the Hollywood clean room look! Light and lensing would be critical in creating visually interesting shots…..

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