A First Look: Holy Cow Batman, It’s the X-PRO 2!!!! Sockem! POW! WHAM! | Bill Fortney

By now you have read reams of reports, reviews and tests on the new Fuji X-PRO 2.  There is little sense in my duplicating all of that, so I will approach this from a different direction.  I would like to attempt to answer some key questions I had when I first heard about the X-PRO 2. Is it a significant improvement over the XT-1 ( a camera a really love a lot!)? Yes, it is Fuji’s latest and newest technology and, and in almost every way, it is an improvement over the last generation of cameras.  Fuji looked at every performance category and found a way to bolster it. If you decide to purchase the X-PRO 2 you will have the most capable camera Fuji has ever produced in the X System line!…….

So in summatioin, killer camera, many improvements, and if you are a Fuji X shooter, and need it’s special graces……

Source: billfortney.com