A Headless Chicken Photographer | Ivan Joshua Loh

Its was a mad week trying to prepare the gears for my 1st oversea shoot with the Fuji X system. Its a 9 days project shooting for India top property developer. Basically documenting a luxury condominium; the building and the people within the building. The final output will be a close to two hundred pages book. I was toying with the idea of having another XT1 body before I leave. So I contact Mr Favian Loo of Fujifilm and ask if I am able to get a unit of the XT-1 in graphite silver. Was told all the units available are for pre-order and all have been snap up. Therefore I will have to wait for the next shipment which is schedule for end of November. ( I leave for New Delhi on 17th) Feeling like a headless chicken; I ask again if he could help find a XT-1 GS for me? Replying politely to a crazy photographer; he says :I will try my best and wait for my call………

Source: ivanjoshualoh.wordpress.com

Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver

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