A morning at Kline Creek Farm | Jonathan Robson

We’ve been taking the kids to Kline Creek for several years now, its one of the DuPage Forest Preserves hidden gems. Kline Creek is an 1890 working farm nestled at the end of a limestone track in West Chicago, IL, not to far for us to drive to occasionally. From a photographers perspective, you can usually find something to shoot. From a child’s perspective, there is always something new to learn and explore on offer. Over the past few years the kids have experienced and got to participate in sheep shearing, corn harvesting, corn husking, blacksmithing, egg collecting, 19th century baking, lambing season, 19th century style country fair, and freshly made warm apple cider! There are more events on offer at Kline Creek, they’re just the ones that have been in progress when we passed through. Our visit today was no different, there was a new learning experience on offer for the kids, though maybe a little less structured than anticipated. One of the big draws for my boys is to find the cats, there are several on the farm, all very friendly, to children at least! We did eventually find the cat and a chipmunk which was in his mouth. For several minutes we witnessed the cat relentlessly toying with the injured chipmunk, the food chain in action, though the twist was that the chipmunk though injured, it did manage to escape the clutches of the cat through a small opening in the barn, maybe it escaped to be caught another day! ….

…. all pictures with Fuji X-E1

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